OREL FOOD – Ready to Eat Tender Jack Curry


This jackfruit curry is also known as Polos Ambul in Sinhalese. Cooked using green jackfruit, the vegan dish makes a perfect meatless meal for any day of the week. And if you visit the island, this is one of Sri Lankan vegan curry dishes that anybody doesn’t want to miss trying. A unique/traditional Sri Lankan recipe that you’ll definitely fall in love with and won’t find anywhere else. Part of the reason is when cook with all the right spices and coconut milk, it is an absolute diet for dish. Spicy, a bit sour around the edges, loads of spices. The jackfruit curry doesn’t taste like your regular vegetable at all and this is because of its meat-like texture. The Product is Sri Lankan, coconut milk based, curry, gluten-free, non-dairy, Vegetarian & Vegan

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