SOZO was created with the dream to offer the freshest and honest, thirst quenching beverages made from fresh ingredients and “home-made” passion. There’s really nothing like it!

Quick Facts!
– No PRESERVATIVES (and yet SOZO’s are good for 1 year)
– Contains 50% less sugar than most commonly found beverages.
– We use pristine, purified water from the tropical Island of Sri Lanka.
– Our Iced Teas are made by brewing real Ceylon Tea leaves, never from extracts.
– Our Juices, Tonics and Nectars are made from real, exotic ingredients grown in Sri Lanka.
– Ingredients are sourced directly from farmers and smallholders, helping to uplift rural communities by paying over and above the “fair” price.
– Each SOZO product is 100% biodegradable.

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